Wednesday, 29 April 2015

In Bloom

"Weather changes moods. Spring is here again"

    - In Bloom, Nirvana

Some times you just need to take a walk - by yourself. So I headed over to my local stomping ground...

I needed to get out of my house after a few weeks of feeling pretty shitty. The combination of life and life and work stress will do that to you sometimes. I left with my trusty camera in tow... I'm well into my thirties and can hand on heart say that this was my first solo walk in the woods! I know - shock, horror! But what better time to do it than on a truly beautiful spring afternoon. I do love this time of year.

Took my camera, braved my little solo mission. I took the time to look up, look down and look around...

I said my hellos to other walkers (a very British tradition that I love) and took some time to admire the colours around...

Mind cleared... Feeling much calmer now.

Big loves!

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