Thursday, 22 January 2015


"As I get older, I'm more comfortable in my own skin"

          -  Jessica Lucas

 This made me chuckle!

Like every other blogger I love beauty and skincare . 

Skincare is my favourite pastime, perhaps even a little bit of an obsession! Over the years I have made some terrible mistakes and felt like sharing them here with you for your amusement...

1 - Try everything and try it all at once!!!

Yes that feeling when you're in Boots (or any other drug store), you've just been paid and you are feeling spendy. Or after watching a YouTube video. Or reading several blog posts... You simply cannot wait to try it all!! Great idea - it seems, but really do you need to try everything at once? How will you ever know which product was effective, which one broke you out? If you are feeling like switching things up a bit (which I do recommend) I suggest just changing one product and see how your skin reacts to that.

2 - Why hasn't it worked yet??

Yes - expecting everything to be effective from the first second you use it! I remember this... Two weeks in and giving up because my skin wasn't clear, blemish free or evenly toned. I have since learnt the art of persistence and routine when it comes to skin care and waiting (just) a little bit longer for the effects to become noticeable...

3 - I'm black, I don't need SPF!

I think I bought my first sunscreen in my early twenties!! Eeek! I cringe even thinking about it. I was a firm believer that the sun did not harm black skin, after all I am Nigerian, right? Well, whilst having black or darker skin will confer some protection form skin cancers like melanoma, it does not mean you are completely immune. Also sitting out in the sun without SPF did nothing for my problematic blemishes and uneven skin. Lessons learnt.

3 - I'm too old to have spots!

I was convinced that turning 21 would mean the end of spots, having struggled quite badly with acne in my teens and early university years. Unfortunately, it was not. Whilst the majority of younger onset acne is due to hormonal factors, adult acne still can occur. Factors that may contribute include the environment (oily products, smoking), diet (especially refined sugars), stress and premenstrual flares. Try to tackle some of these and your acne may improve.

4 - It worked for her, it'll work for me too!

Well of course! I have oily, acne-prone, dark skin and so of course the products that worked so well for my friend with dry, sensitive, pale white skin will work for me too! We all (now) know that that this isn't the case. Thank goodness for the internet and being able to research our skin types and how to tackle skin issues. 

5 - I want to have perfect skin

Ah! Forever on the search for 'perfect skin'. What is the definition of perfect skin and is it ever achievable? The answer is no. I have now learnt that I will never have perfect skin, but will have days when my skin looks good, days when my skin feels good and then days when it all goes tits up! And to be honest - I am perfectly fine with that. My skin is a reflection of of me as a person which, by the way, is far from perfect!

All in all - I love skincare. I enjoy skin products and trying out new and wonderful things, but have learnt these few things about skincare which has helped me be more realistic about what I buy, how I use it and the results that can be expected.

Any future skin product reviews that will appear on my blog will be honest and a reflection of the lessons I have learnt thus far. Stay tuned for a few skin care posts coming up!!

Big loves!!!


P.S. - What were your skincare mistakes??


  1. Great post! I need to use more skin care products - opps.
    Alex //


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